JewelScape Opal Samples

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JewelScapes® Opal Series brings together an icy blend of crystal clear glass beads with high quality pigments to create clearly captivating finishes. Available in both subtle and bold jewel tones, JewelScapes® Opal Series is the clear choice for your distinctive pool.

js_opalseries_seamistStar Mist




js_opalseries_arubaskyAruba Sky




 js_opalseries_tahoeblueTahoe Blue




js_opalseries_midnightblueMidnight Blue




js_opalseries_barbadosblueBarbados Blue




  opal-plus-aruba%20skyOpal Plus –  Aruba Sky




 opal-plus-barbados-blueOpal Plus –  Barbados Blue




opal-plus-midnight-blueOpal Plus – Midnight Blue




 opal-plus-sea-mistOpal Plus – Sea Mist




 opal-plus-tahoe-blueOpal Plus- Tahoe Blue