StoneScape Puerto Rico Samples

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Petite iridescent glass beads give these exclusive mixtures their own special sparkle. From a delicate dusting with a single bag of beads to a bolder blend with two or three bags, StoneScapes Puerto Rico Blends will transport you to your own island paradise.

stonescapes-pr-aquacoolAqua Cool








stonescapes-pr-aquablueAqua Blue




stonescapes-pr-caribbeanblueCaribbean Blue




stonescapes-pr-frenchgrayFrench Gray




stonescapes-pr-tahoeblueTahoe Blue




stonescapes-pr-tropicsblueTropics Blue




stonescapes-pr-midnightblueMidnight Blue








aqua-white-1_0Aqua White 1




 aqua-white-2_0Aqua White 2





Aqua White 3